Latest News: Gov. Holden shares his thoughts on former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s appointment to be US ambassador to China.

Holden backs Trump’s pick for China ambassador


Regional Strategies for the Future –The Midwest US-China Association is a non-profit organization that provides an important connection between the Midwestern U.S. and China. Through government-to-government outreach with corporate and academic support, MWCA’s goal is to expand trade and investments between the Midwest and provinces and municipalities in China by fostering:

  • Commerce;
  • Goodwill; and
  • Understanding


Two-Way Street

Learn about what direct investment between the United States and China has meant for economies in both nations over the last 25 years. Please click on the links below to view the reports. port is the first deliverable of the US-China FDI Project, a multi-year research...

A View from the Great Wall

Our world is shrinking. In the current era of globalization and widespread interconnectivity, there have never as many opportunities to interact with cultures different than our own in a meaningful way as there are today. Despite this unprecedented ease of access, the...

Midwest US China Youth Leadership VIDEO

The Midwest US China Association and Missouri Boys State/Missouri Girls State fulfilled their mission by sending four student leaders to Beijing, China for an enriching governmental, educational, and cultural experience. This is the first time in 78 year history of...