January 20, 2015 Tianjin Binhai New Area Plans to Attract 1.5 Trillion yuan Investment. By Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area (TEDA)

In the coming three years, the Binhai New Area will attract a total of 3,000 projects at or about the hundreds million yuan level, which will bring in an investment of 1.5 trillion yuan ($241.5 billion), according to a director of the Binhai New Area Development and Reform Commission.

The Tidfore Heavy Equipment Group has recently received related administrative certificates to launch a project on the high-end international harbor maritime work devices manufacturing and trading in Tianjin. which lays a foundation for the construction of the project.

Located in the Tianjin Harbor Industrial Area, the high-end international harbor maritime work device manufacturing and trading center has attracted a total investment of 12 billion yuan and is expected to be completed in 2016. The project is a large scale and promising project, which will be specially promoted this year. It is expected that the project will achieve an annual sales volume of more than 100 billion yuan in taxation.

Moreover, the Tidfore project will provide 5, 000 to 10,0000 new job opportunities, which will provide a driving force for the integrated development of ‘hundred billion level’ enterprises in the Bohai Sea area.

Since the establishment, the Binhai New Area has implemented a total of 100 municipal level major industrial projects and 550 major projects in the services industry. It is worth mentioning that 2014 has laid a strong foundation for the Binhai New Area to break its record of 900 billion yuan of GDP.

It is estimated that this year the Binhai New Area will bring in and construct a total of  20 major projects that are valued at the ten billion yuan level or above, 200 projects that are at the billion level or above, and 1,000 projects that are hundred million yuan or above. The Binhai New Area will complete a total amount of 500 billion yuan’s worth of major project investment.

Among these, a total of 1,359 major projects bring in more than 50 million yuan of investment to the area. Such projects include 500 industrial projects, such as the fine chemical engineering project with Yimeike, the energy project with the Ice Bank, the reshipment project with Tidfore Company; 493 projects in the service industry such as Anbo International Distribution Park and the Xinduhui Center, 46 technological innovative projects in the industries of agriculture, foresty, and water conservancy such as the cultivation of edible mushrooms and cow husbandry; 61 projects in social work such as the nursing staff members for elder residents and public health service center; and 242 infrastructure projects such as the drainage pipe network.

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