Regional Strategies for the Future 

The Midwest US-China Association is a non-profit organization that provides an important connection between the Midwestern U.S. and China. Through government-to-government outreach with corporate and academic support, MWCA’s goal is to expand trade and investments between the Midwest and provinces and municipalities in China by fostering:

  • Commerce;
  • Goodwill; and
  • Understanding


The Midwestern United States offers unparalleled capacity for innovation and economic growth. The twelve Midwestern states represented in the MWCA – Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin – are recognized worldwide as the agricultural breadbasket and manufacturing hub of North America. With an extensive fresh waterway system combined with a vast highway, rail and air traffic network, the central region of the U.S. is logistically vital to the nation’s economic growth.

Forging connections between the U.S. and China offers the greatest opportunity for both nations to benefit from their combined resources.


MWCA has focused on forging relationships between Midwest industry, government and education and our counterparts in many of the key central provinces in the People’s Republic of China.

By way of example of the potential for this effort, six of these central provinces have a regional GDP of $1.6 trillion and are home to major industries much like the Midwest: Agriculture, manufacturing and food production.

The U.S. Commerce Department believes this region is prime for new business opportunities, political relationships and educational and cultural exchange. 


Thanks to the connections made by MWCA, China’s central provinces are benefiting from best practices in U.S. industry. MWCA has a working relationship with the Global Cold Chain Alliance, which represents all industries engaged in supporting the food industry with temperature-controlled supply chain services. MWCA hosts food safety training and ammonia safety training programs in China. MWCA brings Midwest knowledge to its Chinese partners to build on global infrastructure, increased capacity for trade and ensures that quality Chinese products are shipped to the U.S.

We focus on six pillars:

  • Agriculture
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Manufacturing