Advisory Board

The Midwest US-China Association’s roster of strategic advisors represents a majority of the twelve Midwestern states. From Illinois to Minnesota and Missouri to Ohio, our strategic team serves as mentors and advocates of the region as we evaluate the Midwest’s strengths, weaknesses and future opportunities.


Vice President Walter Mondale (D)

Walter Mondale served as the 42nd Vice President of the United States from under President Jimmy Carter, and as a United States Senator from Minnesota from 1964–1976. Mondale traveled extensively throughout the nation and the world advocating the administration’s foreign policy, and established the concept of “activist Vice President”. After leaving public office, Mondale joined the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. President Bill Clinton appointed Mondale United States Ambassador to Japan in 1993 and since then has returned to working at Dorsey & Whitney and remains active in party politics.

Walter Mondale 曾任美国第42任副总统,在Jimmy Carter总统任下,也曾在1964-1976年任明尼苏达州美国参议员。Mondale曾广泛地在全国和世界各地倡导政府的外交政策,并建立了“激进副总统”学说。卸任公职后,Mondale加入了德汇律师事务所和国际事务全国民主研究所。比尔克林顿总统在1993年任命Mondale为美国驻日大使并自那以后回到德汇律师事务所工作并在政坛保持活跃。

Senator Adlai Stevenson III (D) Illinois

Adlai E. Stevenson III, a former US Senator, has lived, studied and worked for more than 65 years in more than 80 countries. He is author of The Black Book which records American politics and history as his family knew it over five generations of active engagement starting with Lincoln in central Illinois.He served in the Illinois House of Representatives 1965-67, winning a Best Legislator award from the Independent Voters of Illinois, and as Illinois State Treasurer, 1967-70, where he quadrupled earnings on the investment of State funds while cutting the budget each year. In 1970, he was elected to the balance of deceased Senator Everett Dirksen’s term in the U.S. Senate and was re elected in 1974, both times by record breaking margins. He retired from the Senate in 1981.

Adlai E. Stevenson III曾是美国参议员,在超过80个国家生活,学习和工作了超过65年。他是记录着他家庭5代人自林肯时期开始积极参与的美国政治和历史黑皮书的作者。他曾在1965-1967年任职于伊利诺伊州众议院,被伊利诺伊州独立选民授予最佳议员奖,也曾在1967-1970年任伊利诺伊州财政局局长,在这里他每年让国家基金的投资翻两番并削减预算。在1970年,他在美国参议院顶替已故参议员Everett Dirksen并在1974年再次当选,两次都有破纪录的利润。他在1981年从参议院退休。

Chet Culver (D) Iowa

Chester John “Chet” Culver served as the 41st Governor of Iowa. Culver was born in 1966 in suburban Washington D.C. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Virginia Tech, where he played football. Culver is the youngest of four children of former Iowa Senator John Culver and Ann Cooper Culver. Culver began his career as an environmental and consumer advocate in the Iowa Attorney General’s Office. He built upon Iowa’s strengths in renewable energy by creating the Iowa Power Fund. In 2011, he founded the Chet Culver Group, an energy sector consulting firm.

Chester John “Chet” Culver曾任爱荷华州第41任州长。Culver在1966年出生在华盛顿特区的郊区。他拥有弗吉尼亚理工大学的政治学本科学位,他也在那里打橄榄球。Culver是前爱荷华州参议员John Culver和Ann Cooper Culver的四个孩子中最年轻的一个。Culver以爱荷华州总检察长办公室的环境与消费主张者开始他的生涯。他通过创建爱荷华州电力基金建立了爱荷华州在再生能源方面的优势。在2011年,他成立了切特·卡尔弗集团,是一家能源行业咨询公司。

Governor Bob Taft (R) Ohio

Bob Taft served as the 67th Governor of Ohio. Having graduated from Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in government, received his master’s degree in government from Princeton University, and earned his law degree from the University of Cincinnati Law School. Taft began his career in public service as a volunteer teacher for the Peace Corps in East Africa. He has served as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, as a Hamilton County commissioner and as Ohio’s secretary of state. During his second term as governor he enacted the Third Frontier Project, a job creation program to expand Ohio’s high-tech research capabilities and promote start-up companies.

Bob Taft曾任俄亥俄州第67任州长。他毕业于耶鲁大学,拥有政府专业的学士学位,也有普林斯顿大学的政府学硕士学位,同时有辛辛那提大学法学院的法律学位。Taft以一名在东非的美国和平部队志愿者教师开始了他在公共服务方面的生涯。他曾是俄亥俄州众议院的一员,作为汉密尔顿县长和俄亥俄州务卿。在他州长第二任任期内,他颁布了第三前线项目,一个来扩张俄亥俄州高科技研究能力和推进创业公司来创造就业的项目。

Governor Matt Blunt (R) Missouri

Matt Blunt served as the 54th Governor of Missouri, having previously served as a member of the Missouri General Assembly and as Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, he led efforts to reform state election laws and to make significant technological enhancements that allow Missouri businesses to file documents with the office any time they choose. As governor, he increased state funding for Missouri’s public schools by nearly a third of a billion dollars and secured a significant $20 million increase in state support for the state’s 2 and 4 year higher education institutions. He now serves as Chairman of the American Automotive Policy Council.

Matt Blunt曾任密苏里州第54任州长,曾是密苏里州议会的一员和州务卿。作为州务卿,他努力改革州选举法并作出允许密苏里的企业自选时间归档的重大改进。作为州长,他增加了密苏里州的公立学校的国家资助将近3亿并担保对州的高等教育机构增加2000万的国家支持。他现在是美国汽车贸易政策委员会的主席。

State Treasurer Michael Frerichs (D) Illinois

Michael Frerichs was elected Illinois State Treasurer in November 2014.

In Illinois, the Treasurer is the state’s Chief Investment Officer and Frerichs is a Certified Public Finance Officer. The office invests money on behalf of the state and local units of government. Mike also believes in providing individuals with the tools so that they can invest in themselves.