Every year over one million people from China find themselves pursuing educational goals in the USA.  Chinese students enroll in American institutions, engaging in highly specialized graduate studies, earning undergraduate and graduate degrees, and collecting diplomas from high schools and even middle schools. Chinese groups and families travel in the summers to experience educational programs and to explore future educational opportunities. Chinese businesses seek out training programs in a wide range of industries. Experts acquire working visas to temporarily contribute to internships and short-term projects. Finally, untraced numbers of Chinese tourists plan their travels around educational themes and goals.

Americans travel to China with educational intentions in much smaller numbers. However, the seriousness with which we pursue the opportunities to learn about China, experience the way the Chinese organize their worlds–and regard the worlds of others–is becoming more intensive.

The MidWest US-China Association reflects the expanding resources for educational exchanges in our region, by providing resources to facilitate and enrich the experiences of Americans and Chinese learning together.

Programs and Services:


Midwest US-China Flagship Program

Preparing Americans for China-related careers

Ohio State University has a proven track record of producing high performing students in Chinese language and culture. We consistently graduate students with professional capabilities in Chinese who go on to careers in business and government or on to further professional education.

Our goal is to prepare Americans to work in Chinese. We have proven that with the proper training in Chinese language and culture, Americans of all backgrounds can reach the highest level of capabilities for building successful China-related careers.

Contact:  (Professor Galal Walker 614-292-4243)

  1. Columbus School of Chinese


The Columbus School of Chinese (CSC) is an Ohio-based educational organization that provides Mandarin language instruction and cultural, business and educational consulting services. CSC is dedicated to developing and enhancing cultural, educational and business ties between China and the Midwest. Since its founding in 2010, CSC has helped thousands of clients reach their China-related goals.

Mandarin Language Instruction:

CSC offers distance, individual and classroom Mandarin language instruction to learners of all levels, from toddlers to adults. CSC also offers comprehensive business consulting services, including executive business training that incorporates both language training and how to successfully interact with partners in a Chinese cultural environment.

Educational Consulting:

To help meet the growing demand of schools and school districts wishing to start or enhance existing Mandarin language programs, CSC provides a suite of educational consulting services, including program development, curriculum development, teacher training and program oversight, which boasts a proven track record of results.



SinoConnect (赛珞国际) was founded in 2005 to help Chinese and Americans achieve their cross-border and cross-cultural goals.

Having expanded our service scope over time to meet the changing needs of the market, SinoConnect has experience in:

  • Designing and delivering short-term study experiences in the US for Chinese students and educators at the high school and college levels
  • Connecting Chinese investors with US development projects
  • Market research for US and Chinese firms considering international activity, particularly in destination medicine, physical therapy, and manufacturing
  • High school and college/graduate school application consulting for Chinese families
  • Local services for Chinese visitors to Columbus, Ohio
  • Recruiting staff for bilingual/bicultural positions and EFL instructors for Chinese schools
  • Cross-cultural business communication training
  • Identifying trade partners
  • Interpretation and translation in education, agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, law
  • Planning and executing Chinese delegation visits to Ohio

SinoConnect is a founding member of the Greater Columbus (Ohio) Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Contact: Patrick McAloon


Ohio Center for Cultural Exchange (OCCE)

The OCCE was formed in 2009 and 2010 to promote cultural exchanges between the USA and China. Founded on the principles of integrity and harmony, The Ohio Center for Cultural Exchange will facilitate safe and beneficial exchanges in the areas of academics, administration, and culture between China and the USA.

We believe that there is much work to be done to educate people on both sides of the Pacific about the complex cultures of America and China. As two superpowers, these countries today are often put at odds with each other and stereotypes on both sides can lead to costly political and public misunderstandings. Yet, if friendships are built between the countries through interactions, these misperceptions can be replaced by the truths of friendship and teamwork. That is our hope and goal for the OCCE.

Contact information: Mike Lohre, President; (614) 291-7358;