Pursuing growth, opportunity, and innovation between the Midwest and China

Our leadership core is representative of the multiple facets MWCA represents on behalf of the Midwest. Business, government, education, and culture are all represented by our executive leadership team, which brings extensive experience from the public and private sector to benefit MWCA and its members and partners.

Governor Bob Holden, Chairman

Governor Bob Holden served as the 53rd Governor of the State of Missouri. While in office, he chaired the Midwest Governor’s Association and remains a strong proponent of regional cooperation. He continues to utilize his rich experience to lead economic development and public policy education. He is a visiting professor and the Founder of the Holden Public Policy Forum at Webster University. Through his years of service, Mr. Holden has led multiple economic development missions to China, opened the state’s first trade office with China, and was integral in bringing the first Confucius Institute to Missouri.

Bob Holden州长曾任密苏里州第53任州长。在任期间,他担任了中西部州长协会主席并且是区域性合作的坚定拥护者。他继续利用他丰富的经验来领导经济发展和公共政策教育。他是韦伯斯特大学客座教授和Holden公共政策论坛的创办人。通过他服务的这几年,Holden先生将多重经济发展任务带到中国,与中国开了第一家贸易办公室,并且给密苏里州带来了第一家孔子学院。

Dr. Galal Walker, President

Dr. Walker serves as a professor at the Ohio State University, and is the Director of the National East Asian Languages Resource Center and Chinese Flagship Program. He has served the fields of Chinese language study as President of the National Association of Self-Instructional Language Programs; and is Principal Investigator of the National East Asian Languages Resource Center, and National Chinese Flagship Program at OSU. Dr. Walker is the first recipient in the US and the entire English speaking world of the “China Language and Culture Friendship Award,” issued by the Chinese government.


Sarah Burkemper, CPA Treasurer

Sarah (Hartmann) Burkemper is a certified public accountant and a certified financial planner who has her own practice. She served as the public administrator for Lincoln County, Missouri for twelve years. Burkemper was a Pershing Scholar at Truman State University and graduated cum laude with two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree in 1992 and went on to receive a master’s degree in International Affairs from Washington University.

Sarah (Hartmann) Burkemper是一名注册会计师也是一名有她自己实践的注册理财规划师。她担任密苏里州林肯县的行政官员12年。Burkemper是杜鲁门州立大学的潘兴学者并且在1992年以优异成绩毕业的拥有双学士学位和一个研究生学位并且继续攻读华盛顿大学国际事务专业研究生学位。

Mr. Michael J. Fieweger, Vice President

Mr. Fieweger advises on corporate and securities matters at the Chicago offices of Baker & McKenzie, LLP. He has significant experience helping companies address fund formation and securities issues, and a background in corporate finance, having previously served as commercial lending officer with JP Morgan Chase in Chicago. Mr. Fieweger is currently a member of the Firm’s North America Private Equity Steering Committee. He has extensive experience with international legal issues and brings this leadership to the MWCA.


Mr. James Xue, Executive Vice President

Mr. James Xue has more than 15 years of experience working in various aspects of international business promotion including investment, technology transfer, business set-up, joint venture, sales and marketing, public relations, and executive training. His major focus is on the Chinese market and business promotion between the US and China. Mr. Xue is a former professor of Renmin University and a former “Lead Consultant & Coordinator” for China Projects at International Business Development (IBD) of Northwestern University.

James Xue先生有超过15年的在国际业务推广各个方面的工作经验,包括投资,技术转让,企业建立,合资企业,销售和营销,公共关系以及高管培训。他的主要重点在中美间中国市场和业务推广。Xue先生曾是人民大学的教授也曾是西北大学国际业务发展中国项目的“首席顾问和协调员”。