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Shiboomi Capital

Shiboomi Capital is a boutique investment bank based in Boston, MA that provides sell-side investment banking services to private growth companies at critical stages of development as well as buy-side investment banking services to both US and international buy-side clients.  Shiboomi Capital is US full-service investment bank focused on corporate finance/ capital-raising, M&A, joint ventures, and strategic financial advisory services.

Seeing the vast demand in China for Western technologies in particular industries and the opportunities and resources that strong Chinese partners can provide to Western companies, Shiboomi Capital developed a program specifically to bridge appropriate Western companies and novel technologies into the Chinese market. To execute this China program for US sell-side clients, Shiboomi Capital has built a robust network of leading Chinese strategic investors, institutional funds, large conglomerates with capital arms, & strategic partners, along with a team of experienced professionals on the ground in China.  For buy-side Chinese clients, Shiboomi Capital has built a strong network of US institutions, private equity firms, & organizations with holding companies who are interested in exploring direct investment, acquisition, and/or strategic partnerships with Chinese companies; along with a team of executives with experience doing business between the US and China.

Shiboomi Capital was founded to help companies in particular sectors access the appropriate sources of capital and partnerships to grow and to expand into new markets. Shiboomi Capital’s leadership has served as entrepreneurs and chief executives for the majority of their careers, and thus have been in the shoes of the leadership of the companies they now serve. Holding the responsibility of building and growing your own company is something that those who have not held that responsibility cannot quite understand. Therefore, Shiboomi Capital provides its clients with a unique perspective beyond its investment banking services.