The Midwest US China Association and Missouri Boys State/Missouri Girls State fulfilled their mission by sending four student leaders to Beijing, China for an enriching governmental, educational, and cultural experience. This is the first time in 78 year history of the American Legion program that something like this has ever been accomplished. Working with educational partners at Beijing Language and Cultural University, students had the opportunity to experience the Chinese culture, understand the history and politics of China and had the opportunity to explore historical sites in Beijing.

中美中西部联盟(MWCA)和密苏里州男女孩国家项目(Missouri Boys State/ Missouri Girls State)通过派送了四名学生领袖到中国北京以丰富他们的政治,教育和文化经历来履行使命。完成像这样的事是美国退伍军人协会项目(American Legion program)78年历史中的第一次。学生通过在北京语言大学和教育合作伙伴的工作获得了体验中国文化,理解中国历史和政治的机会,也获得了游览北京名胜古迹的机会。

This video has highlights from the Midwest US China Youth Leadership Program.