Agriculture and manufacturing are the heart of Midwestern economy. MWCA has a working relationship with Global Cold Chain Alliance to bring best practices and infrastructure to China’s central provinces. By hosting food safety training programs in China, MWCA helps to bring Midwest knowledge and know-how to Chinese partners that not only builds on global infrastructure, increases capacity to trade and ensures quality US-bound product from our Chinese partners that builds relationships. The type of industry to industry interaction creates high level business and governmental relations for both nations. The new frontiers are being made in advanced manufacturing, finance, transportation, energy, health care/pharmaceuticals.

农业和制造业是美国中西部经济的核心。MWCA和全球冷链联盟(Global Cold Chain Alliance)的工作关系将带给中国的中部省份最好的实践和基础建设。通过主办在中国的食品安全培训项目,MWCA将美国中西部的知识技巧带给中国的合作者,不光帮助建设了全球性的基础设施,增加了交易能力,也确保了从中国合作伙伴运往美国的产品的质量。这种产业互动的类型为两国创造了高等级的商务和政治关系。新的高级制造业,财政,运输,能源,医疗保健/制药的边界将被建立。