The Midwest U.S.- China Association links the myriad opportunities of the region with similar interests in China. The 12 states of the Midwest offer unparalleled resources for manufacturing, energy, agriculture, and transportation. By forging meaningful partnerships, we can make full use of the opportunities that collaboration between the Midwest U.S. and China provides, bringing long-term growth to each region.


Our Goals are simple.

1. Our region is much more than fertile farmland. The Midwest boasts incredible resources and opportunities for business growth. Our aim is to bring this message to partners in China and to connect them with leadership and opportunities in the Midwest.

1. 我们的地区不仅仅是良田。美国中西部对经济增长提供了难以置信的资源和机会。我们的目标是给中国的合作者带来信息并且将他们和中西部的领导和机会联系起来。

2. Taken together, the 12 states of the Midwest U.S. form one of the largest economic regions in the entire world. MWCA opens up increased opportunities for growth and development by representing the entire region, and not just individual states.

2. 总之,美国中西部12个州形成了全世界最大的经济区域之一。MWCA代表整个区域,不单单是个别州对发展提供了更多的机会

3. It’s easier to do business with someone you understand and can connect with. We hope to promote mutual understanding of the cultures of China and the Midwest U.S. to help businesses and organizations in both regions form meaningful and long-lasting partnerships.

3. 和你熟知并且能联系的人做生意是更容易的。我们希望促进中国和美国中西部文化相互的理解来帮助双方地区的企业和组织形成有意义的和持久的合作。